Day 1: Hello Dankness

Hello Dankness - Soda Jerk
Screening at Ithaca College Roy H. Park School

Day 2: Red-Eyed and Blue  

Cinemapolis - Saturday | October 14th |  9pm - 11pm

86 Min
The land of the free and the home of the brave. This land was made for you and me. 

1.  Too Much Fun - Grace MitchellToo Much Fun - Grace MitchellSwirling imagery of junk food, driveways, and caves. Dreamlike stories of a family and their intergenerational relations. - Grace Mitchell / 12min / 2020 

2. How to Behave at a Party - Allison Radomski
Do you feel weird around other people? Are you anxious at social gatherings? Do you often find yourself trying to seem like a normal, happy person, and then coming up short? Look no further, friend. Even though I’ve never, ever had those problems in my whole life, this distorted Super 8 microshort is here to give you all the good advice. - Allison Radomski / 2min / 2021

3. Small Wonder - Elias Z.X.
Small Wonder
This is the film Grandma Sally made for her family. Well, technically I made this film. Also, Grandma Sally is not my grandmother, I have actually never met her in my life, I don’t even know her last name. This film is composed using clips from a RCA Small Wonder camcorder that Sally filmed videos on between 2009 and 2010. I bought the same camcorder at a flea market in 2022 for five dollars, she never cleared the memory card. - Elias Z.X. / 17min / 2022 

4. Hen in the Foxhole - Theodore Collatos
Existential unease, social anxiety, mental illness, shame and public humiliation.- Theodore Collatos / 7min / 2022

5. Genetial Reveal Party - Hogan Seidel
An exploration of gender binarism, violence, climate disaster, and the second coming of Christ. A 3D spectacle for the whole family!

Through found footage, text, and photochemical abstraction, this film begins to draw connections between many oppressive structures that are linked to gender essentialism. - Hogan Sediel / 7min / 2022

6.  Civil War Surviellance Poems Pt 1 - Mitch McCabe 
The first iteration of a five-part feature film of speculative experimental nonfiction, which contemplates an impending American civil war via lyrical nonfiction, mixing call-in radio, twenty years of verité footage from the filmmaker’s archive, and robots. - Mitch McCabe / 15min / 2020

 7. A Black Hole is A Black Hole in the Ground - Sophia Feuer & Tyler Macri
Concerning three groups of children from disparate upbringings, A Black Hole is a Black Hole in the Ground intimately depicts the strange, ephemeral realities that arise on evenings of play, when dimensions of space and time, not fully cemented by adulthood, begin to dissolve. - Sophia Feuer & Tyler Macri / 12min / 2018

 8. This is Ya
tes - Joshua Yates
Collaging years worth of media from Josh Yates' home movie archive, this analog-elegy presents a deeply intimate self-portrait and a kaleidoscopic mixtape of youth, memory and loss. - Joshua Yates / 12 / 2017

Day 3: Getting No Place Fast

CinemapolisSunday |  October 15th | 2pm - 4pm


 Walking and wandering  through the mind’s eye. 

1.  The Waiters - Ken Webb  (out of competition) 
A series of vignettes of people waiting for things. 30th Anniversary re-release & remaster. - Ken Webb / 8min / 1993 

2. Deerwoods Deathtrap - James Gannon 
50 years ago Jack and Betty were hit by a train and survived. This is their story.  - James Gannon / 9min / 2022 

3. Rest Stop - Crystal Kayiza 
On a bus ride from New York to Oklahoma, Meyi, a young Ugandan-American girl realizes her place in the world through her mother’s ambitious efforts to reunite their family. - Crystal Kayiza / 12min / 2022 

4. Dakhla - Nick Leffel
A young Muslim man must face his longing to fit in while living in Latin America, and thus is forced to reconcile with the dark post-colonial turmoil of his homeland. - Nick Leffel / 6min / 2023

5. Slower Animals  - John C Kelley
While aimlessly following a winter goose migration across the American south, a professor slips in and out of childhood memories that all surround a forgotten trauma. This short animated film explores the ways we are shaped; both by what we remember and what we forget. - John C Kelley / 7min / 2022

6. Ghost of You  - Chloe Xtina
At the apex of a heatwave and California’s fire season, 16-year-old Mae and her sisters become prey to a hidden camera at their hometown creek. As the fires intensify, the suffocating male gaze blurs with Mae’s desire to be watched. A sheet ghost is conjured -- Mae’s phantom representing the convergence of lust and violation within her girlhood. - Chloe Xtina / 15min / 2023

7. Exterior Turbulence  - Sofia Theodore-Pierce 
Seizure dreams, horses, and long distance conversations from bed. Loose reenactments from Marguerite Duras Baxter, Vera Baxter. A year of stormy weather and temporal rupture recalled in fragments. Featuring my mother and other star crossed lovers. - Sofia Theodore-Pierce / 11min / 2023 

8. Parenthesis  - Vasilios Papaioannu
In this lonely contemplation of a past summer, the ancient promontory becomes a parenthetical projection of frantic lines and alternating impressions. - Vasilios Papaioannu / 5min / 2021

9. Hoss  - Ryan McGlade 
Hoss checks in on his dead friends' house and finds a stranger inside. - Ryan McGlade / 14min / 2019 

Cinemapolis - 120 E Green St. Ithaca, NY
Format: DCP
Tickets: HERE
Genre: Experimental, Doc, Found Footage, Archival Footage


1. The Enlightment - Stephanie Barber
Listing dangerously into poetry, philosophy and sound art, Barber's new film (distributed by Video Data Bank) finds Yon and Payola in a Victorian conservatory. They are companionable, disoriented and petulant––they whip wildly through these disembodied states. Payola reads an excerpt of their considerable tome on the age of enlightenment to Yon.  - Stepahnie Barber / 12min / 2023

2. Pogo - Andrew Fernandez, Anna Rafalowski
Pogo finds her purpose after being rejected from the Academy - Andrew Fernandez, Anna Rafalowski / 8 min / 2023 

3. Homesick Lungs - Felix Klee 
You can't bring back a dead horse, but there are ways to step into a place that was lost. - Felix Klee / 13 min / 2021 

4. Living Fish - Isabela Costa
A lonely woman belongs more to the sea universe than to the human world. - Isabela Costa / 12 min / 2022

5. Learning to Dance - Cat Ashworth
What does the last period of our lives bring us, age 70 and beyond? What do you call this period and what are the challenges and joys it brings? - Cat Ashworth / 22 min / 2023

6. Dreams Under Pressure - T.J. Blanco
What is the revolutionary potential of dreams? To astral project out of our bodies and into those more hurt by capitalism? - T.J. Blanco / 8 min / 2023